Success Stories

Cameron Guillen – credits include; Pottery Barn; Hanna Anderson Clothing Co.; 180 Magazine and much more….including film and TV roles.

Kamryn Crowely – credits include;  Disney products; Play Hut Print’; Mattel Barbie Promo Print and TV series Trauma and much more…..Keep it up.

Trevor Patterson – credits include Fashion model LA Clothing Co. Model –Lady Gaga BAD ROMANCE Video. And look forward to seeing him explode in 2011.

Mason and Luke Davis – credits include National Treasure with Nicholas Cage; Hannah Montana Disney; National Applebees TV commercial; and they are just scratching the surface.

Heidi Gentry – credits include ; Money Ball with Brad Pitt- Voice over talent San Francisco.

Hunter and Austin Johnson – credits include Bagle Bites Commercial; Hanna Anderson clothing co. Print and Commercial./td>