Jack Stockton, Producer and Host of the That Jack show, Director of ADIA Entertainment inc. has been anchor and managing editor of That Jack Entertainment magazine since January 2010.  Hit your Mark magazine covers lifestyles of young Hollywood every month.  The first issue hit stands June 1rst 2011.That Jack show aired its first and second season on FOX40 in 2012 and our third and fourth season on CW10 CBS affiliate. That Jack show also has an online channel. the producer, Jack Stockton owns his show outright.  Jack found sponsors and sold commercial spots in house.

As Host and producer, Jack has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and leaders from around the world.  Katy Perry, Rob Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart, Ziggy Marley, Marc Klaas and many more.

Jack, as host, has also participated in many events such as flying in a fighter jet for N.CA airshow, dancing with Beyoncé ‘s Ashley Everett for an Anti-Bullying show or being in a race car during an event.

Jack Stockton and Marc Klaas

I have studied with Marki Costello CMEG in Santa Monica and have worked hard to create a brand.

Prior to That Jack,  Jack has been director and Host of Hit Your Mark Conventions, serving as an anchor for Inkless Magazine’s website.  He later transitioned into TV pilot production for America’s Next Commercial Kid! Where he also made his mark as on On-Air Talent.Born in Orange County, LA, Jack first realized his dream of becoming a television journalist at 11 yrs old, after traveling to Ashland, Oregon, home of Shakespeare. Unable to afford acting schools, He enrolled himself in a local college at the age of 13 studying theatre and production.

After High School, Jack attended the Brown College institute of journalism, where he received certificates in journalism, broadcasting and production. While in attendance, Jack served as anchor and editor for all radio and college news projects, covering a number of stories including Jesse Ventura Governor election, and Minnesota municipal airport renovations.

Upon graduation, Jack returned to his true passion-entertainment-and relocated to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.